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Galveston residential roofing contractor.

There are many advantages to living in Galveston, including quick access to the area beaches. But as residents surely know, when hurricane season comes, that close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico can have residents seeking a reputable Galveston residential roofing contractor. M&M Roofing wants to be the roofing repair company in Galveston, TX, that residents turn to for all their roofing repair needs.

How to Know When It’s Time for a Galveston Residential Roof Installation

If a major storm sends a tree through your roof, it’s fair to say that you got Mother Nature’s message about needed roof repairs. But far more often, damage can be much subtler. Fortunately, the roofing specialists at M&M Roofing offer free inspections and estimates. Below are some of the red flags that indicate roof repairs or replacements are necessary:

  • You can see or smell mold or mildew
  • Black or dark areas appear on roof
  • Exterior damage is present
  • Your walls have blistered or peeling paint
  • Your energy costs are out of control
  • There’s visible water damage to ceilings or walls
  • Shingles have curled, cracked or are missing
  • You have a leaky attic
Making the right choice for a residential roof replacement contractor is easy with M&M Roofing. We’ve been in business for the past 27 years, so we will always stand behind our work and materials. In fact, we offer the following to our roofing clients:
  • One-year warranty for many repairs
  • One-year warranty on gutter repairs
  • Five-year warranty on flat roof installations
Another benefit is that you deal with one roofing specialist during your repairs. Once our crews finish, the company owner calls each client to make sure that all went as expected. Our commitment to quality and customer service remains unwavering. You will not find this attention to detail and responsiveness with other Southeast Texas roofing contractors.

We also lead the pack of residential siding contractors in Galveston, TX. We are Galveston’s one-stop-shop destination for all sorts of roofing and remodeling needs. The hot Texas sun is no friend to house siding materials and even without any hurricane damage, Galveston residents can find themselves in need of a remodel. We remain the go-to Galveston window replacement company. We work with our customers’ insurance companies and never require money down to start a repair job. We work quickly and efficiently and use the proper materials to get the job done right the first time.

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Your home is likely your family’s biggest investment. It deserves protection and the tender loving care that the remodeling and repair contractors at M&M Roofing, Siding and Windows can provide. Make sure that your home retains its full resale value by calling our roofing, siding and window specialists today at (414) 858-2415. Our customer service technicians will be happy to set up a free, no-obligation consultation and roof inspection at your earliest convenience.

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