Soffits & Fascia

Being a homeowner/property manager requires a basic understanding of the structural makeup of your home(s) and how to provide the best possible maintenance and repairs. Ultimately, this requires an understanding of the basic components that are used in residential roofing. For example, a roof is built with many different components, but there are some components more essential than others. Two specific ones to pay special attention to are the soffit and fascia boards. It’s not abnormal for these components to be

  • Extensive Roof Damage
  • Pest Infestations
  • Costly Repairs

This is why calling a professional roofing company to handle soffit and fascia repairs is recommended to homeowners, rather than the DIY approach.

The Importance of Soffits and Fascia

An exterior soffit is located on the span beneath the rafter tails, while the fascia is the exposed horizontal band you see at the end of the rafters. These architectural elements found along the eave area do more than just add visual interest and give a finished look to your home.

Soffit and fascia are critical for preventing roof and shingle damage. While water and sun exposure are some of the most common causes of soffit and fascia damage, ice damage can be particularly damaging. Because these roofing components are exposed to wet and dry elements, damage often leads to mold & rot. This is significant because soffits & fascia boards can be connected to a home’s ventilation system.

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If you think it’s time to get your soffit and fascia replaced, contact M&M Roofing, Siding & Windows today. It’s important that you work with a company you trust, as many companies cut corners with soffit and fascia. It’s a vital component of roof ventilation and can even damage your warranty if it’s not installed correctly.

When you should consider soffit and fascia repairs:

  • ZRotting Wood with a leak
  • ZPaint begins to peel/deteriorate
  • ZLook for signs of small animals