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Want to Improve Your Homes Energy Efficient? Tighten Up With Energy Efficient Roofing Systems Insulation!

If you’re looking to stretch your hard-earned home improvement dollars a little farther, you can’t go wrong by investing in energy-efficient roofing systems. But, regardless of the age of your home, the right improvements can do wonders for cutting your energy costs.

But what are the “right” improvements?

We talked with some of our local roofing and siding contractors to get their advice on improving your home’s energy efficiency. And all our experts said the same thing: the best bang for your buck is tightening your home with high-quality insulation – particularly in the attic, where heat tends to accumulate during the warm months.

Why is the attic such an issue? When it’s hot outside, heat builds up in your attic (this stored heat is commonly called “radiant heat”) and eventually travels back down into your home. Radiant heat from the attic accounts for more than 90% of the heat gain in your living space. That extra heat forces your air conditioning system to work extra hard to keep things cool, meaning higher electric bills. Without proper protection, your home can’t keep hot air out and cool air in – a problem that can increase your energy costs by more than 30%.

When looking at those figures, it’s easy to see why roofing and siding contractors focus on insulation to improve energy-efficient roofing systems efficiency.

Choosing the Insulation: Know Your Options

So, now that you know why insulation is essential, it’s time to figure out which option will be the best fit for your home – and your budget. Today’s insulation comes in a variety of different technologies. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of three popular types of insulation on the residential market: fiberglass insulation, radiant barrier, and reflective insulation.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation Picture

What it is: Found in more than 90% of homes in the U.S., fiberglass is by far the most popular form of insulation on the market today. Fiberglass is made of a blend of materials such as sand and recycled glass, and it is fibrous and heat-resistant. This versatile insulator inhibits the natural flow of warm air into cooler spaces, which is why it is widely used in areas such as attics. There’s a downside, though: Fiberglass absorbs heat to the point of over-saturation, then releases it back in the opposite direction – so some of your attic’s heat eventually leaks back into your living space.

Cost: The cost of installing fiberglass insulation can vary widely – anywhere from $0.50 to $2.25 a square foot – depending on factors like where you live and what brand of insulation you choose. One upside of choosing fiberglass: It’s a fairly easy DIY project. Many companies produce fiberglass in large rolls that lay out easily, so you can complete the project yourself for about $100 -$500.

Return on Investment: Because the price of fiberglass insulation varies so much, your return on investment will vary, too – but on average homeowners can recoup their costs in about 5 years through lowered energy bills.

Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier Picture

What it is: A radiant barrier is a thin layer of reflective film that blocks the heat absorbed by your roof. A radiant barrier is installed on the underside of your roof, where it reflects heat back out of your attic, preventing it from traveling down into your home’s living spaces. A radiant barrier can enhance the efficiency of your existing insulation and cut your air conditioning costs by 10-15%. An independent test at the University of Kansas found that HeatBloc Ultra – one popular brand of radiant barrier — improved the efficiency of traditional mass fiberglass insulation by 87% to 98%.

Cost: Radiant barriers can range widely, averaging $900 – $2000 depending on which brand you choose and the size of your roof. For a rough estimate, multiply the square footage of your home by 1.5, then multiply that by $0.55.

Return on Investment: Radiant barriers can be cost-effective in hot climates, in new construction, and in an already energy-efficient home, with some homeowners realizing a payback through energy savings in less than 10 years. That said, a radiant barrier might not be a wise investment if your home is already well-insulated, or if you live in a cool climate (the energy you save during warmer months may not be worth the cost of installation).

Reflective Insulation

Low E Picture

What it is: In a nutshell, reflective insulation is a traditional insulation (like fiberglass) covered by a low-emittance foil surface (like radiant barrier). Reflective insulation is installed between your attic’s roof rafters to reflect up to 97% of radiant heat away from your home. And it has a cool backstory, too: The technology was originally developed by NASA as a barrier for spacecraft and spacesuits. The idea was to develop a material that would reflect the heat away from astronauts by day and retain internal warmth at night.

Cost: Cost: Reflective insulation – such as LOW-E Reflective Insulation – is fairly easy to install. It’s compact yet strong enough to resist punctures, and it easily shapes around angles and corners. At a cost of around $.40 per square foot, going the do-it-yourself route can make this a pretty cost-effective option for homeowners on a budget. But it may not be a project for inexperienced DIY-ers: Because the efficacy of reflective insulation depends on accurate installation, you may want to consider hiring a professional installer.

Return on Investment: Although the performance of reflective insulation can vary depending on factors such as the size of your home and the amount and quality of your existing insulation, this space-age improvement seems to be a wise investment. Field tests by the Florida Solar Energy Center have shown that reflective insulation can reduce your cooling bill by 2% to 17%, with a payback period of 6-7 years.

Which Insulation is Right for You?
Your insulation choice will depend mostly on the style and size of your home; your geographical location and climate; the quality of your existing insulation; and, of course, your budget. If your house is relatively new and well-insulated, reflective insulation might give you just the right energy-efficient boost. But if you’re on a budget and need to start from scratch, traditional fiberglass might be the best way to start.

Wallet-Friendly DIY Improvements with Big Energy Payoffs
Regardless of the insulation you choose, your home’s “envelope” (or entire outer shell) needs to be tight in order to make sure your home is truly energy-efficient. After all, what good is a well-insulated attic if you can’t contain your costly conditioned air?

Common Air Leaks Picture
Dale Phillips is the owner of Tomball, TX-based DPIS Engineering, which inspects hundreds of homes each day and performs energy analysis to help homes run more efficiently. He says that although insulation is crucial to efficiency, it’s not the only improvement homeowners should make.

“There is no single ‘magic bullet’ in energy efficiency,” he says. “That’s why I always start with improving the ‘building envelope.’”

Rick Brill, a representative for HeatBloc Ultra, shares this sentiment. “For energy efficiency, we look at the whole house: air leakage, efficient windows, proper insulation, duct leakage, ventilation in the attic, etc. If you look at the home as a functioning unit, you will start to see how all these little things add up to big savings throughout the life of the home.”

What’s more, these “little things” are budget-conscious ways to step up your home’s energy efficiency. Small, inexpensive projects – such as caulking around drafty windows or installing specialty gaskets around electrical outlets – can tighten up your home envelope. And unlike installing new insulation, these DIY improvements won’t cost hundreds of dollars to complete:

Plug Leaks
There’s little sense in running your air conditioning if your home is full of places for all that cool air to escape. Fortunately, air leakage problem areas are easy (and cheap!) to address with a simple tube of caulk or a spray can of expanding foam from your local hardware store. Use them to easily seal these common culprits:[list style=”arrow1″ color=”cyan”]

  • Windows that leak air and doors that don’t close tightly.
  • Extra space around TV or cable wires entering and exiting your home.
  • Gaps around the plumbing fixtures and pipes in your kitchen, bath, and other rooms that need water access.
  • Drafts around bathroom vents, recessed lights, or fixtures.
  • Air leaks from pipes and wiring that go through the basement ceiling through the floor above.
  • The upper perimeter of your basement, where the cement or block walls meet the wood frame of your house.

Seal Drafts
Specialty tape and weather-stripping make it easy to keep cool air in (and keep hot air out). Want some quick DIY energy savings? Take a tour of your home, and seal off these drafty problem areas:[list style=”arrow1″ color=”cyan”]

  • Gaps under inside doors. Doors leading from the house to the garage or foyer are often not as well sealed as doors that open directly to the outside. Another option? Install a door sweep to prevent hot air from coming in and conditioned air from getting out.
  • Leaky ducts. Use foil tape (rather than “duct tape” that doesn’t last) to insulate all ducts you can access in your unfinished spaces like the basement and attic. For extra energy efficiency: Straighten any flexible ducts to eliminate kinks that constrict airflow.
  • Air registers. Use special HVAC tape to seal around the rims of the duct boxes where they meet the floor, wall, or ceiling, and look for disconnected duct-work. Another tip: To enable air circulation, keep furnishings and decorations clear of air registers at all times.

Invest in Gaskets and Covers
Your local hardware store is full of cheap and easy solutions to common air leak issues. While caulk and weather-stripping are always useful in a pinch, consider investing in products designed to address some of these specific energy-guzzlers: [list style=”arrow1″ color=”cyan”]

  • Outlets: Seal holes or air leaks around electrical outlets with specially designed (yet inexpensive at as little as 10 cents apiece!) outlet gaskets.
  • Window A/C units: If you can’t remove your window-mounted air conditioners in the colder months, prevent drafts with tailor-made covers at $15 a pop.
  • Recessed lighting: You need to keep a 3-inch gap between lighting fixtures and insulation for fire prevention, but this ceiling opening causes energy loss. Cap these gaps with specially formed attic recessed light covers – for less than $20 – to prevent air leaks but still allow the space necessary for safety.
  • Spaces around your attic hatch: An attic door cover can prevent hot air from getting through your attic door and down into your home’s living spaces. These covers come in a wide range of styles, and an even wider range of prices ($40-$200).

Bottom line? Don’t buy into the misconception that a limited budget means limited energy-efficiency options. The truth is, small changes can greatly enhance the insulation you already have. And even if you have to space out your larger home improvements over time, you’ll save energy – and money! – in the long run.

Research Before You Buy
Whether you hire a contractor to boost your home’s energy efficiency or choose to go the DIY route, it’s important to do your research first. Lee Mooney, director of sales for LOW-E Reflective Insulation got into the insulation business after extensively investigating energy-saving insulation options for his own home – and he urges homeowners to take their time and shop around before making any big decisions about any home improvement project.

Mooney recommends that homeowners compare prices – and he also says that you should always try to learn as much as you can about any product you plan to bring into your home. Once you’ve found an insulation product you like at a price that fits your budget, you should do additional research, Mooney says. Look at warranties and guarantees – and pay attention to where the product was manufactured.

“There are a lot of products made in third-world countries that do not have the same rules and regulations as the United States, thereby the safety of the family may come into question,” he says.

For extra peace of mind, look for products with “stamps of approval” from recognized agencies. A good place to start your research is the Federal government’s ENERGY STAR program. Now celebrating its 20the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary program helps you save money by encouraging energy efficiency technologies and practices in two ways:

Energy Star Image
By endorsing high-efficiency products that use less energy: ENERGY STAR-labeled products typically use 20%–30% less energy than required by federal standards. By providing tax incentives for qualifying products: Specifications differ with each item, and the EPA determines the price points and qualifiers each year. For 2013, certain types of insulation can earn you 10% of your cost, up to $500.

Of course, homeowners should still do their homework, even when considering a product that has earned internationally recognized approval. Mooney points out that each U.S. state has its own energy code requirements – and some states have no requirements or simply have “recommended” energy practices.

An Energy-Efficient Home on any Budget

Energy Efficient Roofing Systems Resources

Learn how to improve your energy efficient roofing systems efficiency! Check out these sites for helpful tools, links, and energy-saving tips: [list style=”arrow1″ color=”cyan”]

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16:11 16 Feb 23
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M&M Roofing was an excellent experience for me. Mr. Travis was very knowledgeable about roofing. I remember my first experience with Mr. Travis and he had recommended that I initially replace the roof instead of repairing it. but I wanted to repair it. To having to actually replace it a few months later. The work performed was above my expectations and completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend M&M services!
Phillip C.
20:50 02 Feb 23
Mike Moncure came out to take a look at our roof and to give us an estimate. He was prompt, professional and we enjoyed meeting him very much. M & M gave us a good estimate with a great warranty so we hired them to replace our roof. His crew was polite and on-time, and did a great job cleaning up after what is always a messy job! We'll definitely call them when our rental homes are ready for roofing needs.
Heather K.
00:24 02 Feb 23
We used M&M for full exterior siding replacement Jan 2023 & couple years ago (Feb 2021) we used them to install a radiant barrier in the attic. Super pleased with their work & responsiveness. Our house is much more efficient too. No doubt they will be who i call for our next project.
17:42 01 Feb 23
Mike was very professional and thorough with the installation of our windows. He was there to monitor the installation and certification.M and M is very highly recommended.
Donald R.
23:51 31 Jan 23
First met with Jim Williams years ago while we were having a roof issue. He was very persistent in finding the area of the roof that was the problem and remedied. Fast forward to 2023, we are looking forward to working with him and M&M Roofing again to replace our roof after 16 years. Great company to work with!
Ann H.
22:28 31 Jan 23
Fantastic work
Allen G.
21:09 31 Jan 23
Great company very Professional and quality work
John T.
17:47 31 Jan 23
Have used M&M twice now each after storms did minor damage to roof. They did great job finding repair and did not just try to talk us into all new roof. Highly recommended!!
Tom S.
04:19 31 Jan 23
21:09 30 Jan 23
Juan Noyola at M&M Roofing, Siding, & Windows has handledseveral home repair jobs for me. Over the last 10 months, Juan and M&M have replaced my garage siding with Hardy plank, fixed some older hardy plank siding on my house, replaced my soffits and facia, and has replaced my roof.In every instance, their work has been outstanding and their prices have beaten everyone else's prices. The workers they send out are professional, courteous, and they do a great job. The also clean up well when done.Juan is helpful and always gives a fair deal. I will work with him and M&M if I ever need more home repairs.I would recommend Juan and M&M to anyone.
Mark C.
23:08 28 Jan 23
Mike was very helpful, nice and professional. The work was done in a timely manner, and perfect. I will used this company again if needed.
Alex S.
21:42 28 Jan 23
Jim and team did a great job. Very helpful explaining the process, quote, planning through purchase, scheduling and install. The team was quick and thorough. Great job and great looking roof!
Craig C.
18:15 28 Jan 23
Jim Williams was wonderful to work with and his crew did a terrific and timely job. Can’t recommend M&M Roofing enough
bev L.
17:18 28 Jan 23
M&M Roofing recently installed a new roof on my home. Joe Daughtry was very patient and persistent with the insurance company. He never gave up which saved us a lot of money. They installed a GAF HDZ Weathered Wood roof with the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty which means that if a shingle comes off during the next 15 years, it is replaced for free. Joe did a great job of explaining the procedure and making sure everything was done right. The crew showed up on time and didn’t leave until the roof was on and everything was cleaned up. We did not find any nails left behind. Our roof looks great. I recommend M&M roofing without reservation. They are very good getting the insurance to do the right thing. We are very satisfied.
Debbie B.
20:16 24 Jan 23
I cannot recommend M&M Roofing and Joe Daughtry enough. When you are spending the money to replace your roof they go above and beyond what you would expect. Joe answered all of my questions and never once did I feel pressured to use their company. I had many bids to replace my roof and I'm overly pleased with the quality and service they provide. The GAF HDZ shingles look fantastic and it is nice to know that I do not have to worry about them since I purchased the Golden Pledge Warranty. Just know you will have an honest company that will take care of you even after the roof has been replaced if you go with Joe Daughtry and M&M Roofing.
Jeremy P.
00:48 24 Jan 23
M&M Roofing replaced the siding on my house. Outstanding work, and friendly people.
Chris W.
21:22 23 Jan 23
Travis and his crew were priced fairly and were very professional
17:10 23 Jan 23
They were quick and replaced my home and office roofs between Laura and Delta. I would recommend them and use them again.
Brenda R.
00:52 23 Jan 23
Did a great job and excellent clean up.
Jesse M.
18:13 22 Jan 23
I cannot say enough about this fantastic company. From first contact and quoting with Steve to the installation with a fantastic crew, we could not be more pleased with our new roof. The professionalism, communication, and quality were all that I could hope for and more. Zero complaints! Give them a call, you won't regret it.
Rebecca B.
22:11 21 Jan 23
Had a great experience with these guys. Very responsive and knowledgeable. They took care of my repair work within a week of contacting them, and cleaned the area well before they left. I would definitely recommend!
Tyler C.
01:19 21 Jan 23
Great price , on time , explained everything and answered all the questions,roof was too high, needed especial ladder, called couple roofer could not...
Vera I.
09:53 11 Jan 23
Will and his crew had me scheduled within a few days of accepting his quote. The job took a few hours to perform replacement of the decking and adding weathering materials to help protect from potential issues. He provided with photos of his findings and the repairs done before shingles where reinstalled. At my request, Will went above and beyond by doing an immediate inspection of the rest of the roof and informed me of the condition. They did a great job on cleanup and I felt he and his crew treated my property with respect. Highly recommend!
Lance & Tobi A.
22:55 09 Jan 23
Very professional service, customer service is great and the work preformed is great as well.
Hilario L.
17:29 17 Dec 22
I communicated with Joe Daughtry to replace the siding on the back of my mom's house. The day the project began, his crew completed the job within a few hours, unexpectedly, and finished it off with Sherwin-Williams paint using a color selected by my mom.I appreciate Joe's honesty and working with us. I feel I can trust Beaumont M&M Roofing, Siding, & Windows because of employees like Joe. Keep up the great work!
Vanessa E
05:03 06 Dec 22
After a recent storm blew through our area and took a few shingles off my roof, I googled roofing companies in my area. I called M&M Roofing because they had the highest ratings and best reviews. I quickly realized why. Joe Daughtry was cordial and professional from start to finish. He inspected my roof and gave me his professional evaluation. He gave good advice and met me when the windstorm inspector came out, to make sure that I would be taken care of. I not only had M&M replace the roof with a 30 year GAF roof system, but had them replace my 30 year old facia boards and soffits with James Hardie Siding, that they painted with Sherwin Williams paint, and install gutters in the front and back of my home. Everything was completed within 2 weeks of my original call. This is the best experience that I've had with any contractor ever.
Bruce K.
21:27 25 Nov 22
Dan kept us well informed, always available for questions we had. If not available, he would return our calls promptly. I recommend Dan and M & M Roofing. We had another job that we needed done and he made sure we knew that they could get the job done.
Bernice H.
05:40 22 Nov 22
Don't hesitate to call M & M Roofing. Professional job from start to finish......a positive experience 100%. Thanks to Steve Pike and the wonderful crew!!
Marilyn E.
21:14 21 Nov 22
Joe Daughtry with M & M Roofing is detailed oriented. He was prompt getting back with me about our repairs. His crew showed up when he said they would and even sent pictures of the progress to me during the job. I was very impressed with their work and professionalism. I definitely recommend them to my family and friends for roof, siding or window repair.
Carrie L.
01:45 17 Nov 22
Steve Pike and his crew from M&M know how to deliver quality AND value! From dealing with my insurance carrier, to guiding me through the process, to scheduling the crew I had no worries. My roofing crew showed up on time, worked consistently throughout both days, cleaning up thoroughly after each workday. My new roof looks fantastic! I recommend M&M and Steve Pike without reservation when you’ve had storm damage and need your roof replaced. Very Satisfied!!!
Happy C.
03:16 16 Nov 22
Really enjoyed working with John Berry. Personal oversight of work done, reasonable cost, and professional results. Work done involved a custom solution to a metal roof leak issue and resulting wood rot. John also helped with some caulking of an unrelated roof issue while he was up there inspecting the main problem. Would definitely recommend!
Bill B.
01:04 01 Nov 22
I tried to use this business for a roof inspection. I called on Thursday, set an appointment for Monday, and no one showed up. I called to find out what happened and discovered that my appointment hadn't even been scheduled. When I rejected another appointment, the man who answered the phone loudly hung the phone up in my ear.Update:Steve Pike of M & M Roofing saved the day. After reading my review from this morning, he called to apologize. He immediately came to my residence and performed the roof inspection. I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He provided a comprehensive verbal and visual summary of all issues with the roof. He even quoted the company's mission statement to me. This showed that he truly cares about his company's reputation in the community and the customers it serves. KUDOS to Steve!
Alpha G.
20:06 31 Oct 22
They've helped us on a couple of projects and we've been pleased. John Berry has been really helpful.
Kind P.
17:57 10 Oct 22
OUTSTANDING! Was very impressed with service and installation. Entire team was on point!!
Martin P.
18:11 26 Sep 22
Excellent service and professional workers. Quick response. They used Sherwin Williams lifetime paint. Joe Daughtry was professional and knowledgeable about all services.
judy H.
15:48 26 Sep 22
John Berry from M&M treated our property like it was his own and his communication is fantastic! He personally coordinated with other contractors to make sure he was able to schedule his work (replacing a deck) quickly to make theirs (foundation repair, HVAC replacement) easier and save us additional costs! He communicated with the other contractors to identify additional foundation problems and HVAC placement concerns that they did not see. He even inspected their work while we were out of town and provided us very detailed pictures. John Berry from M&M went above and beyond what we were expecting and provided a great value from M&M Roofing.
Michael H.
11:52 26 Sep 22
We have used M&M on multiple occasions - HardiePlank siding, exterior paint, gutters, and windows. This team is dependable and professional. Mike is...
Private A.
04:56 23 Sep 22
We had some storm damage to our house, and M&M were able to give us an estimate the next day and got the repairs all done the following week! We needed several roof shingles replaced, and some of the siding on our house needed to be replaced and painted.John Berry helped me out, and gave fantastic communication. He called and texted with updates and answered any and all questions I had. He sent several pictures before, during, and after the repairs to show everything was completed. The roof and siding all look great!I'd definitely work with M&M again!
Neill F
02:46 22 Sep 22
I am pleased with the re-roof job and the attic solar fans installation.
David H.
21:08 18 Sep 22
Thanks to our salesman Joe Daughtry and M&M roofing and siding. Just had second story rebuilt using James Hardi siding and entire home repainted with Sherman Williams lifetime paint. Christian and our amazing install crew completed the job very professionally. Looks better than it ever has and should last a long time. Could not have chosen a better company, salesperson, or installation team. Thanks again.
Richard M.
21:24 17 Sep 22
Had John Berry out for fascia repair. He came out with one crew member, made sure the work was done properly, and answered any and all questions. will definitely be recommending John and M&M to all friends and family.
Mike Vincent Fisher (.
23:23 15 Sep 22
Needed to replace some siding on the house and remove some wood root. Will came over the day after I called and explained what I needed and gave me a fair quote. A week later Juan came over and he and an associate finished things up the same day. The house looks great. Color matched perfectly. Clean and professional all around.
Grant B.
20:20 09 Sep 22
Sell Yelp reviews googl facebookWe write reviews, promote your companiesReal people accounts until 2019, we use one IP address for one revieClient...
Adam H.
10:22 03 Sep 22
We reviewed many companies for our exterior siding replacement project and elected to go with M&M. Rick Shelton was great rep and checked on crews...
Deborah G.
16:13 02 Sep 22
M&M was recommended by my neighbors and I was very satisfied by their service. William Robb came out to look over my roofing issues and produced a proposal for repairs right away. Once I decided to proceed with the repairs, the work was scheduled and completed within a few days. I was very happy with the professionalism and response from M&M and I would happily recommend M&M to others.
Peggy A.
22:05 30 Aug 22
M&M came out and did a professional job on our roof repair, what’s significant is we have a cement tile roof. It’s very difficult to find a company to work on this type of roof. Will and his crew treated our home like it was their home, I can’t ask for anything more than that. I would recommend M&M Roofing without reservation.
Jeff S.
20:13 24 Aug 22
M&M gave me a great quote and were able to work me into the schedule quickly to replace my garage roof and repair my house roof. They did a great job on the project and cleaned up, too. Very prompt and professional.
Melissa A.
00:26 23 Aug 22
We had the pleasure of working with Steve Pike with M&M Roofing, Siding and Windows for a roof replacement and flat roof repair. They were originally called out to help us get to the bottom of leaky patio roof due to poor installation job from another company. Not only did this get repaired but upon inspection of our roof we found it needed to be replaced. Steve made it seamless working with our insurance company for approval. I feel that he went above and beyond since he was there to look at one issue but he took it a step further to inspect our entire roof only to find out we had other trouble areas. Work was completed in a very timely manner. Very professional company and I highly recommend their service for your next roof repair/installation.
Dana S.
20:22 15 Aug 22
Steve was amazing and professional! You can't go wrong choosing M&M roofing!
Kayla H.
22:58 09 Aug 22
Changing insurance providers and they requested a roof condition report.I reached out to M &M and they promptly replied. Travis called and set up an appointment to which he was on time and promptly made the inspection and got the report back to me the same day.Great job.
David N.
19:29 08 Aug 22
M & M Roofing and Steve Pike have done several roofs on properties I own. I have never been disappointed. They are the only call I make when I need roofing and other projects done.
Douglas S.
21:47 07 Aug 22
Services: Replacement of Siding, Painting & Installation of new windows.I used M&M Roofing and Siding on two separate projects. The first was for the replacement of my siding with Hardy Plank siding and installation of owner furnished windows. They completed the project and the painting of the siding. Excellent work crews, quality work and timely execution and completion of the project. Bernard Contello was the salesman and project manager and was very professional with no sales pressure. I called them back about a year or two later to install new windows in areas that had not been replaced. Bernard Contello was still the contact person.A few days after completion of each project, I received a call from the owner asking how everything went and if I had any questions. All I could tell him was what he probably hears all the time; excellent work, no complaints! I have recommended M&M to others, and I am very careful about recommendations. I still have a few more windows to replace and M&M will be the ones I will hire.
Ed L.
20:31 06 Aug 22
I contacted Joe Daughtry with M and M Roofing and siding, I let him know I needed a new roof and quickly or else my insurance company was dropping me. Joe came out inspected my roof, gave me a fair bid , answered all of my questions in regards to attic vents, set up the installation and got all that done in less than a week. Well pleased customer! Thank you Joe Daughtry and M & M Roofing and Siding
james R.
02:26 31 Jul 22
Very satisfied customer. The bid was very reasonable and the work done was exactly what we wanted. The company had excellent communication, the job was done in a very timely manner, and the crew worked really hard and knocked the job out ahead of schedule. Happy we went with this company and we will use them again in the future.
Jess A.
22:22 27 Jul 22
Steve and his crew did an excellent job for replacing old windows in my house with new energy efficient windows. The color of the vinyl trim Windows really fits my house nicely. The interior of the house is so much quieter now. Completely happy.Crew was professional and lessoned to all my concerns and addresses them accordingly.
Brent B.
15:49 26 Jul 22
Great service and information from Mr. Chris Abell for work on a roof and garage. Highly recommended.
Nancy M.
05:29 22 Jul 22
William Robb is a great asset to M&M! Would definitely recommend them for your siding needs
Laura B.
00:42 21 Jul 22
M&M Roofing, Siding and Windows. Did an outstanding job replacing my roofJoe Daughtry was very professional and worked with me the whole process making it very easy.The GAF Timberline HDZ Roof System looks amazing and I have confidence that I will not have to worry about my roof for quite some time.
J.t G.
14:32 20 Jul 22
M&M ROOFING has installed the entire roof of my house a few weeks ago and I am very thankful for a job very well done. Lot of experience that come with many years in service. I will recommend this company without hesitation to anyone who needs roofing work done. GOOD JOB!!! Guys.
natura A.
19:40 18 Jul 22
Joe Doughtery with M&M roofing was great, and had very great customer service they did every and more that was needed. My roof looks amazing.
Joel L.
16:16 18 Jul 22
They did a great job in repairing the exiting gutters in addition to adding new runs. The colors matched exactly
Jay G.
00:26 09 Jul 22
I recently had to have my roof inspected and eventually replaced after a storm damaged it. I researched and found M&M Roofing, Siding & Windows to be the highest rated. I went a little further and actually drove around to look at some recent roof replacements by them and they all looked awesome, so I initiated my roof replacement using them. I have to say this company is everything you will expect and more. Steve Pike made the entire process so easy and worked tirelessly with my insurance company to make sure I did not miss anything I needed under my coverage for the replacement. Steve answered any and all of my questions very quickly. I went with the best material, GAF Timberline HDz shingles and now have the Golden Pledge Warranty so I know I am covered for many years to come. The crew that did the work was very professional and did a fantastic job of cleaning everything up when the work was done. If you are in need of any kind of roof work, I definitely recommend M&M. You will not be disappointed.
Billy R.
03:46 03 Jul 22
We purchased a home in Beaumont, and after having some work done, we found that a contractor had caused some damage to the roof. It was leaking into our sun room due to a hole. After a bit of research I called M&M Roofing, and Steve Pike came out. I told him we wanted to replace the roof, but were just moving and needed a repair for the time being. Steve climbed up and took a look. He found the area and did the repair with roofing caulk he had in his truck. I was grateful and asked what I owed him. He said, "nothing, just give me a chance to bid on the roof when you are ready." I was dumbfounded and truly appreciated his customer service.We got moved in from our previous home in Kansas, and had a handle on the items we wanted to get done right away. I called Steve, as the roof was at the top of the list. When he was here I told him that we also wanted to replace all of the exterior windows on the home, replace the guttering, and paint the exterior. He said that they offered all of those services. He did his measurements, and prior to his leaving we had separate itemized bids for each item we wanted done.First, our roof was completed using GAF Timberline HDz shingles. A great product that exceeds all of the windstorm insurance requirements. The crew replaced any sheeting, fascia, etc. that was damaged, and put on a beautiful new roof. Next the guttering was removed so the house could be painted and then new guttering was installed. After all of that, our windows arrived from being manufactured and were installed. They are amazing windows and we noticed a difference in room temperatures immediately. Not to mention that they look amazing!Each step of the way, Steve Pike was available for questions and concerns. He managed the crews to make sure that everything met our expectations with absolutely no issues. A quick call, or text and he was on-site as soon as possible.We give M & M Roofing, Siding & Windows, and Steve Pike, our highest recommendation. We will use them again, and in fact, just asked them to price some internal windows between our home and sunroom. It's hard in this day and age to find a company that still values customer service. These folks do and have earned our business and recommendation!
John R.
21:25 29 Jun 22
Plain and simple, they were very professional and got the job done in a timely manner. Highly recommended!
R. H.
14:04 26 Jun 22
Bob Mills was a very honest man to work with, he went above and beyond what he said he would do. Would highly recommend him to anyone that needs any kind of repair. He spoke with the company that put the roof on our house for them to come out and inspect the roof incase the roof needs repair down the road. Stated that it might still be under warranty.
Mardee S.
23:59 22 Jun 22
March 21st 2022 we had a tornado in Round Rock, TX... my neighbor recommended them so I got a quote. They were very responsive and turned in good quotes... after I gave them the jobs they were very quick and responsive... even the CEO called to make sure all was OK. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to you... they buy stuff in quantity so you get the benefit of their lower prices. Thanks Dan and Bob!
Stephen C.
15:15 21 Jun 22
We had a roof leak develop and M&M came by and did a full inspection. They repaired the roof leak at a very reasonable price, and we've recently had hard rains and haven't seen any additional water coming through. Bob Mills was easy to work with, very communicative, and honest. I enjoyed working with him and would work with him and this company again.
Natasha C.
15:19 11 Jun 22
A 5 Star Rating is appropriate. I highly recommend M&M Roofing, Siding, and Windows. I will tell my family and friends about this company. Yes, I will use this company again. Mr. Dan Trevino, Area Manager, was professional, patient, and he answered all my questions. I gave Mr. Trevino a long “24” point checklist! Thank you Mr. Trevino and thank you to his crew. My home and I are HAPPY with the new siding installation.
Patricia B.
15:14 11 Jun 22
I noticed a neighbors new roof, M&M Roofing, Siding & Windows-Beaumont sign was up. I called, Joe Daughtry answered and worked with us. He made the entire process easy! I now have GAF HDZ shingles and they look great and very modern! Very professional and kept us updated on the entire process. 100% recommend !
Cristina G.
01:46 08 Jun 22
Patti B.
21:47 06 Jun 22
Tom G.
15:11 23 May 22
M & M Roofing re-roofed my Round Rock home in May of 2022 and did an excellent job on this $13K+ project. The same crew also did a separate small siding repair for me a week earlier. Bob Mills is the most attentive, thorough, and honest of the 5 roofing managers I've selected over the years. His bid was competitive but not the lowest -- I've made the mistake in the past of just going with the lowest bidder. This company, M&M, is large enough to be reliable and accountable. Their parent company, also called M&M, is based in Houston but I dealt only with the Austin organization. The crew of 3 finished in 3 1/2 days, an approach I prefer because the quality of workmanship is noticeably more even with a smaller crew. Bob and his area supervisor Dan communicate well, offer good advice, and follow through on promises. I recommend them to family and friends without reservation, and I would use them again.
Jack C.
13:49 16 May 22
We had roof replaced in 2015 by m&m roofing to a gfa timberline Hd shingle roof. The roof looks today like it looked when first installed lately we had a couple of strong storms with hail and strong winds So m&m roofing contacted us to send inspector out for free roof inspection how thoughtful and professional inspector Will Reds showed up on time and inspected our roof with great efficiency he took pictures of the whole roof.and after his inspection showed me the pictures and explained where potential trouble spots could occur Fortunately our roof is in great condition with no damage inspectors wills professionalism and thoroughness was impressing only matched by the quality of our m&m roof. Can highly recommend both Michael. O.
Michael O.
22:41 12 May 22
Joe Ausmus was very professional, as well as super helpful, and knowledgeable! I would recommend M&M to family and friends looking to remodel.
Dominique H.
18:41 12 May 22
Mr. Will Robb was extremely helpful navigating us thru the difficult task of dealing with our insurance company on some siding damage we had .I will highly recommend M&M Roofing & especially recommend Mr. Robb to anyone looking for either Roofing, Siding , or Windows Thank You , Mike V. Sanchez
mike S.
17:20 12 May 22
Chris Abell did a phenomenal job changing out our roof!
John Daniel T.
05:01 12 May 22
Chris Abell was referred to by a coworker. Him and his crew did a phenomenal job.
John Daniel T.
05:00 12 May 22
We had a storm come in and did some damage to my roof. Chris Abell was referred to by a coworker. His crew was clean, professional and did a great job.
John Daniel T.
04:58 12 May 22
M&M Roofing and Chris Abell did an amazing job with our roof!!! Could not be more pleased!!! Chris was communicative and responsive! Very helpful! Great quality work! Thank you Chris/M&M I am so appreciative!
03:11 12 May 22
I had these guys come out after my last run In with Mother Nature. Thanks Chris Abell for helping me get my roof back in working or and life somewhat normal again. 10 out of 10
Austin T.
21:35 11 May 22
Chris Abell did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and the process was simple and easy. He took care of the work and I benefited from his dedication to his craft
Austin T.
21:33 11 May 22
I had my roof replaced after the last storm. Chris Abell did a wonderful job
Austin T.
21:30 11 May 22
Chris Abell replaced my roof and did a great job.
Austin T.
21:25 11 May 22
M&M Roofing repaired my patio cover and did a great job at a reasonable price. Will Robb was great to work with.
James N.
18:52 09 May 22
M&M did an excellent job of replacing our roof. We contacted many roofing companies and interviewed a handful. What sold us on M&M was the outstanding...
David B.
16:00 08 May 22
As a former property manager, finding a reputable roofing company for repairs and major remodeling is always a tough job. It becomes an even tougher job when you are considering a company for your own home. Travis was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to come out on a weekend when I had an emergency leak in my roof. I appreciated his prompt attention to my much needed repair. I will continue to recommend him to other vendors, as well as to my family and friends. Thank you Travis!
The Lightfoot-Moniz F.
15:16 04 May 22
M&M and John Berry came to the rescue when my satellite dish blew over and punched a hole in my roof. I called on a Friday and was impressed that John came out on Saturday to take a look. He removed the dish, put a temporary cover over the hole, inspected the rest of the roof, and got a crew lined up to do the repair on Monday with matching shingles. John came back to make sure everything was right, including picking up some stray nails. Thanks to him and M&M, I had a watertight roof when it rained a few days later. This is the second time I've used M&M and have been impressed with their professionalism and service. I highly recommend!
Beth A.
02:42 02 May 22
I hired M&M Roofing and Siding for my replacement /new roof in 2017, and after the tornado hit in March, I reached back out to them to complete my roof repairs. They are extremely professional and were able to complete my roof repairs just after my insurance settled. The repair looks fantastic and all is good again Thank you M&M Roofing and Siding for all your great work! I look forward to continuing to work with your team for my house siding!
Tina S.
20:02 30 Apr 22
Great experience working with Joe Daughtry and team. Love my new GAF roof and the yard was immaculate when the were done. Would highly recommend Joe and...
R M.
10:36 18 Apr 22
Will Robb inspected our roof after a hail storm hit our area. He was proactive in working with our hectic schedules, since we have two very young children. He showed up right on time and was exceptionally professional and communicated every step of the way. He answered both my wife and I's questions and made us feel at ease that our roof had been spared any damage.He took his time in explaining what to look for in case there was concern in the future and even made us laugh while helping us understand. His honesty and knowledge are top notch.We would not trust our roof, and family’s home for that matter, with anyone else! A++++
16:19 14 Apr 22
Storm damage to our roof required R&R. The polar vortex of winter made materials difficult to find, due to damage caused to manufacturing because of sustained power loss. Will Rob was able to locate the shingles of our choice outside of normal supply routes. The crew from M&M was professional and work was completed soon after the materials arrived. We now have an attractive, fully functional roof protecting our home.
Lynn H.
14:12 14 Apr 22
Joe Daughtry was very prompt and very professional. Would use M&M Roofing,Siding and Windows anytime and I highly recommend them.#GAF
byran T.
13:33 14 Apr 22
I met Will Robb professionally while working for State Farm. He came to my office on a solicitation after a large storm, and I kept his card. A few days after meeting him I was in the process of closing a very complex policy for a condo association, and the underwriters decided that in order for the policy to be issued, and inspection must be made on the buildings in question. With the associations policy nearing renewal (and a very substantial payment that they were actively trying to avoid since the policy I had was a much more favorable fee) I needed to find a roofer to inspect the buildings. I was incredibly worried that my situation would be taken exploited for a large payday, and I remembered Will. I called him and was very honest about what was going on. I told him what was in the balance and that if there was damage he could feel free to offer his business to the association, and that would virtually guarantee that I would lose the business. Will Robb, with an already immensely busy schedule went to the association after his days of appointments for 2 days went out and inspected those buildings for me and drafted a report that stated there was no damage. He couldHave used that as an opportunity to advance himself immediately at work, but sought rather to build a professional relationship through trust, and goodwill because that is what he believed what was right and would be an excellent reflection on M&M, and he was right. After that moment his contact information was the only information I gave out when people asked for an honest roofing estimate, and I give out his information to my friends and family still despite no longer working for State Farm.
Joshua P.
06:26 14 Apr 22
Professional, respectful, neat and did a great job!
Nell F.
01:28 14 Apr 22
M&M Roofing replaced my soffit and they did an excellent job, very professional
alex T.
00:47 14 Apr 22
M&M Roofing will definitely have my business again.M&M customer service representive (CSR) took the time to accommodate my schedule for the initial visit . CSR reassured me that the service professional (SP) would call the day before his visit and upon visiting he would throughly discuss issues about my current siding as well as steps that would be taken to repair the siding. SP, William Robb, called confirming his visit the day before. Robb walked me through what needed to be repaired and steps that his team would take (remove siding, remove and replace foam board, add tyvek where new siding would be placed, new siding, and paint the entire area to match paint) to to complete the repair. I learned so much about my siding and the repairs from Robb’s visit that I was able to apply when talking with other potential contractors.I selected M&M team, because they were very through in explaining all the repairs needed. M&M’s team was not the lowest cost of the other contractors, but they provided quality work. M& M’s team repaired the siding in less than a week after signing the contract.After, completing the repair Robb and I walked through all the changes made to my siding. There was one area where the nails had come loose and the team came out immediately and made the repair.M&M team did a wonderful job and I would definitely use the team again.
19:32 31 Mar 22
My experience with M&M Roofing was outstanding. Will Robb and his crew did excellent work repairing some roof damage I had and I will absolutely use them again when needed. I also appreciate the personal follow up from Doug, the owner.
Michael A.
21:22 16 Feb 22
We just had our complete roof replaced by M&M Roofing and ould not be happier! William Robb was great in explaining our options and keeping us informed of the process! Great communication! Work was completed extremely fast, area cleaned up nicely, and they even touched up some exterior paint for us! We highly recommend M&M!!!
Ray F.
17:06 09 Feb 22
We write reviews, promote your companiesReal people accounts until 2020, we use one IP for one review.Client confidentiality is guaranteed.If a review is...
Josh M.
22:56 29 Jan 22
It as most know any home repair can be stressful in the mist of many other things to do in a daily basisI am extremely satisfied with the customer service I received from Josh PeggHe provide updates when needed snd worked with a very difficult process with my insurance companyWe love our new roof and will recommend your company
Joanna R.
16:39 05 Jan 22
I had the pleasure working with Rick and Javier (Labor Contractor) to replace the siding of my home including fascia, soffit, trim, and gutters....
Vanessa M.
18:21 24 Dec 21
M&M Roofing did an excellent job repairing my chimney.Will Robb and the crew were professional, knowledgeable, and very pleasant people to to work with.Great experience all around.
Al M.
02:23 09 Nov 21
M&M installed my Hardie board siding and repaired my metal roof. William Robb and his crews were very professional, knowledgeable, and timely. They went above and beyond addressing all my concerns. I would HIGHLY recommend M&M, 100% satisfied customer!
Jim C.
10:30 03 Nov 21
M&M Roofing has been a wonderful company to work with. We had them replace our roof a year ago and had them come back to replace chimney siding this week. They are responsive, on time, and professional. Best experience with any contractor in SETX.
Rachel B.
15:27 27 Oct 21
M & M was prompt in getting me a competitive quote and they were able to complete my roof and siding repairs within a week so we could sell our home. Joe was easy to contact and work with. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality roofing and siding.
Brea C.
21:56 22 Oct 21
Will Robb and his crew at M&M Roofing did an excellent job at my 82 year old mom's house. The foundation, siding, walkway, and painting were completed in a professional manner despite all of the obstacles over this last year. I would definitely recommend M&M Roofing for all home projects.
Sam E.
20:15 09 Oct 21
Excellent roofing job. Not a large job but I felt like I was #1 , crew very courteous and immaculate Clean up afterwards . Will was very attentive to all details. Great experience
tom B.
14:14 19 Sep 21
Very straight forward and knowledgeable company. I’m pleased with the complete removal and installation of a bee roof. I highly recommend M&M Roofing. Even if you’re unsure if a replacement is needed, a free inspection with honest opinion wouldn’t hurt!
Brett H.
17:55 08 Sep 21
MM Roofing has been my go to partner for many of my home projects. Doug and his team do great work and are professional and responsible and most of all, show up on time.
Rusty M.
22:49 18 Aug 21
Steve and Joe were prompt in responding to our need to repairing the damaged roof. I was pleased with the timeline for completion of the work and they were very professional in handling our situation. I would use this company again if I need roofing repair.
Mark M.
19:35 14 Aug 21
The service provided was nothing less than excellent. The workers were very courteous, professional, and punctual. In addition, they completed the job on schedule. I really appreciated the time taken to explain each stage of the project and answer any questions I had. Kudos to all!
Jerry M.
00:15 12 Aug 21
Felicity S.
20:32 20 Jul 21
Selling Real Reviews for Your BusinessGuaranteed confidentiality and quality of reviewsAll accounts of real users, with reviews and friendsYelp accounts...
Elizabeth N.
11:30 11 Jul 21
After the April hailstorm in the area my insurance company totaled my roof. I called Rick at M&M Roofing for a quote. He was very responsive and helpful....
Mike O.
14:49 09 Jul 21
We called M&M for a bid on our siding in March and William Robb came out to talk to us. The night before he showed up we had a hail storm and he got up on...
Nate G.
12:58 07 Jul 21
Reliable and dependable.
John Roy M.
03:08 16 May 21
I had this company replace my sising. They were punctual and professional and did an excellent job.
Christine W.
19:45 30 Apr 21
Steve was the nice guy who come out and give us a quote. The prices were reasonable but the wait time to get the job done will be hard. Two months after we got the job fully financed.
Heather R.
23:07 03 Apr 21
The guy that came out was very knowledgeable and kind waiting on estimate for windows
regina B.
18:27 17 Mar 21
After finding out I was in a time crunch to have repairs done to a home for FHA approval I gave M&M a call and someone was out the same day. Their estimate...
Denise B.
16:53 26 Feb 21
Reviews Yelp, googleWe write reviews, promote your companiesGuaranteed confidentiality and quality of reviewsAll accounts of real users, with reviews and...
Steve A.
10:38 20 Feb 21
M&M Roofing did an excellent job installing our roof! They provided excellent customer service and provided great communication! Very pleased!
Bianca G.
03:29 19 Jan 21
Selling real reviews Yelp, googleWe write reviews, promote your companiesGuaranteed confidentiality and quality of reviewsAll accounts of real users,...
ted D.
13:36 25 Dec 20
Thanks to M and M for a super job replacing my storm damaged roof.Will Robb came out and spent a long time answering my questions in great detail and returned a detailed estimate promptly.They used quality products and had an excellent install team that worked hard to get the the large steep roof done in 2 days as estimated.They were very careful to clean up materials coming down off the roof continually and did a very thorough job of restoring my yard to its original condition when they were done.I am very happy with the result and would highly recommendWill Robb and M and M . I was so happy that I am getting an estimate to do some siding replacement for some weather damaged siding.Thanks Will!
00:41 29 Sep 20
They were fantastic! Fast, quality work, beautiful job, large variety of choices, great price. I recommend this company to everyone I know.
Jahn S.
17:44 23 Sep 20
Mike and Pepe(painter) we can only praise how amazing these two gentlemen were! All questions were promptly answered and work was done in a timely manner!
Janice H.
16:55 10 Aug 20
M&M did a great job on my home. We replaced all of our single pane windowswith double pane and the results look so much better. We have one especially large window that is 8ft wide, and where other companies said they could not accommodate that size window, M&M was able to provide a solution that allowed a large 8ft wide picture window. Very happy with the results!
Quinn M.
20:34 29 Apr 20
I live in Beaumont and have had a problem with leaking around my chimney and siding which has started falling due to rotting wood and strong winds. I called M&M Roofing, Siding and Windows and Steve Pike promptly came out and gave me a very reasonable bid and time frame. The crew he sent was very good. They worked efficiently and thoroughly. The guys were courteous and addressed concerns I had. They secured their equipment from my dogs and cleaned up afterwards. Even came back, after packing to leave and answered another question. Wood and insulation was replaced, siding was matched, leaking was found and problem was fixed. All work was completed quickly and looks like new. I am very pleased and would recommend M&M Roofing, Siding and Windows, Steve Pike and his crew to anyone who might need work done.
Linda E.
03:25 03 Mar 20
I can't say enough about M&M Roofing...from their excellent phone response, thank you, to the correct completion of our roofing job, they made it pain free,...
Louise R.
11:55 12 Feb 20
Max P.
16:14 13 Jan 20
M&M is awesome! I reached out about a home I was buying that had a leaky roof and some weathered siding. Dan got me a bid, and got me on the schedule. I was able to use his bid in my closing for extra cash at closing and they came out and did the repairs for me right after moving in.M&M replaced some siding, roofing, and rebuilt my chimney for me. The process was as quick and painless as it gets. I will have no hesitation to call Dan anytime I have a project going forward to see if it’s something they can do.I will totally call M&M going forward and would recommend them for others without hesitation.
Patrick W.
02:10 10 Jan 20
16:54 26 Nov 19
They did a great job and Banard was wonderful to deal with. Thanks guys.
Corey D.
19:35 06 Nov 19
Ramzi S.
22:15 10 Sep 19
I want to give a shout out to Steve Pike and M&M Roofing Siding & Windows for their great service and install work. We had our roof replaced with GAF Timberline HD Roofing and had 2 Velux Skylights put in to replace the originals for our home in Baytown. The roof and skylights look fantastic, the lighting is better where the skylights are and now that space is substantially cooler than it was before which is great since a thermostat is close to that area. If you are needing any roofing or siding done I highly recommend you call these guys. I know my wife and I will be calling them back up when we go to replace all of our windows.
Pete A.
12:45 24 Jul 19
I'm more than impressed with M&M Roofing, Siding, and Windows in Beaumont. Working with Bernard Contello gives me faith that there are still good contractors out there. He was on top of the job, returning calls, keeping me updated on progress, etc. The crew was so great, polite, and I like the attention to detail they had. They installed windows, Hardie Siding, and fixed rotten boards I didn’t know I had. Went above and beyond. Will be using them when I need a roof in the next few years.
Mike K
15:46 18 Jun 19
Dealt with Chris. Very responsive. Very attentive.Yet patient. He didn't try to "rush the sale"as people do. He gave me all the information I needed...
Mary H.
11:11 21 May 19
I hired M&M Roofing for an exterior siding and paint job on a one-story house in Austin. Clay was my point of contact and provided me with three options after assessing the property. Clay and his crew did a great job with the siding repair and paint! The job went two days longer than quoted, but I would rather the work be well done rather than rushed. This was the first time I'd hired someone for siding work; Clay was patient and informative with any questions or concerns I had about the work. I would definitely work with M&M Roofing again.
Chris H.
05:31 01 May 19
I highly recommend M&M Roofing, Siding, and Windows in Beaumont. It was a pleasure working with Steve Pike. He was very professional and responsive and his crew did great work on a window replacement and a roof replacement that used Timberline HD materials.
jacob C.
16:38 05 Apr 19
Clay was outstanding. He showed up when he said he would and had a great estimate proposal worked up by the next day. He even took the time to go over it all with me. These are the guys I'll use.
Brad L.
19:53 03 Apr 19
I recently needed some repairs done on my roof. While many other local roofing companies told me I needed to spend between $13,000 to $17,000 on a new roof, Clay told me the truth. M&M Roofing and the folks that work for them are honest, very responsive, professional, and quick. I could not recommend Clay and his guys enough!
Jeremy H.
01:14 31 Mar 19
Good job on the Hardy shake and plank siding. I expected a bit more quality control from M&M without my intervention but this was a much better experience than in the past.
Steve G.
22:30 25 Mar 19
I used M&M for the second time with my old house we are in the process of selling. Chris provided a competitive quote within a day and we were scheduled...
Doug C.
08:48 18 Mar 19
I was very pleased with the GAF Timberline HD Roofing that M&M Roofing, Siding, and Windows installed at my home in Orange. The work was completed quickly and was done very well. Steve Pike gave us an detailed estimate, which is very difficult to get around here, and answered all of my questions completely. We had an issue with a piece of rotting decking. Steve and his crew had the problem assessed and fixed within a few days. M&M's customer service is top notch. I highly recommend this company!
Laura P.
02:11 21 Feb 19
My Mom needed extensive siding done on her 40 yr old house and while we were at it, we decided to paint the entire house. Clay and team did an awesome job working with us, very patient and thorough. My Mom said its like a brand new house! If she is happy, I am happy and she is thrilled! Siding and paint job were excellent, thank you!
Karan M.
21:15 26 Jan 19
Had to replace an aging roof. Of the 3 estimates M&M was the most reasonable and the only one to report hail damage. Audie was awesome. He met with the insurance adjuster and everything was taken care of while I was out of town. I didn't have to change my plans and the job was done on time as promised. Great!
Cecelia B.
20:20 17 Jan 19
M&M Roofing Siding & Windows did a quality job on the Timberline HD roof on our home and detached building in Beaumont. They also repaired flashing around windows that needed replaced and worked around the rain delays to get done quickly. Price was very reasonable. The helped to to get our windstorm certifcate issued for insurance purposes.
Julie J.
17:09 17 Jan 19
What a pleasure to do business with a company that answers calls promptly, shows up when they say they will, and does the work as contracted! M & M Roofing is always professional and their fees are reasonable. I highly recommend M & M Roofing!
Melody S.
15:34 17 Jan 19
I couldn’t be happier with M & M roofing! After having several quotes from other companies their quote was by far the best! They kept me informed through out the process and performed quickly. My house is a 140 year old restoration with a metal roof and several domes and turets. They treated the home with utmost respect and detail. They also redid the yankee gutters which other companies wouldn’t touch. If I could leave more stars I would. I plan on recommending M & M to all of my clients and friends. Job well done!
Jared W.
18:05 04 Jan 19
The manager, Audie, went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my insurance claim and roof/siding repair. The crew worked fast and did great work. There was also great communication throughout the process.
Jeremy C.
16:22 22 Nov 18
The crew who worked on the house were meticulous both in their work and in daily clean up. I recommend them highly!
Laurie H.
20:48 16 Oct 18
I have used Travis Diekmann and M&M Roofing, Siding and Window twice, to install hardy board on my house and the other time to do a roof repair after hurricane Harvey. The timing, cost and quality of work was excellent. I would recommend, if you need roofing or siding work done contact Travis at M&M for an experienced assessment and quality
Ronnie B.
16:11 09 Jul 18
Audie was great to work with. He and the M&M team did a fantastic job on our roof replacement and gutter upgrade. The bidding/contract/pricing process is thorough and transparent. They did the work quickly and we love our new roof and gutters! Doug the owner personally called me to follow up and make sure the job was done correctly and to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Audie and the M&M team for any job!
James J.
17:30 11 May 18
Kerry H.
17:59 16 Sep 17
Had some siding that was blown off my chimney. Audie Brower was the project manager. He was extremely helpful! Got a crew (that also did a great job) out quickly to fix the problem. He worked with my insurance company to get it all done and taken care of. Couldn't be happier with their work and customer service.
Becky S.
19:50 08 Mar 17
Great quick service, hands on staff. They did a great job for us, taking care of our hail damage. strongly recommend them
Hessam R.
15:09 04 Oct 16
Sean O.
15:57 05 Feb 16
I have revised the review I posed earlier to say that after finally contacting M&M they have tried to reach me and are making an effort to get to my leak issue.I appreciate the effort they are making and will revise the review when we get the job complete. But sometimes it takes a squeaky wheel to get attention.
Ray S.
18:49 02 Nov 15
I had a great experience working with M & M Roofing, if your looking for professional, knowledgeable and the best value for your dollar save yourself some time and money and work with M & M Roofing.Below is my experience and justification for my recommendation.With three quotes accepted for performing roof work there price was in line with the top two. What won me over in my decision to move forward with them was two fold. First Audie, the individual that worked with me throughout the process, was timely in providing a quote within the requested time frame without need for prompting ( I had to remind another company that I needed the quotes and had not received them ). Secondly Audie was extreemly professional over the phone and patient as he walked me through the process and expectations of what was to happen as the work would be done.Thanks Audie!
Chris M.
23:01 24 Mar 15
We recently had a siding and roofing repair job completed by M&M in Austin. Audie Brower was the project manager and he was excellent to work with. He gave us a thorough written estimate. Audie was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the job and gave us several good recommendations, many of which saved us money. We chose M&M over other companies that had lower bids because of Audie's professionalism and the fact that they did not expect ANY payment until the job was completed. They also had a very attractive financing offer. The work was performed exactly as expected and the house looks great with Hardie Siding that will last nearly forever. We definitely recommend M&M Roofing, Sding & Windows.
Elizabeth K.
18:32 26 Feb 15
Great Job! Audie answered my request for an estimate quickly. He was very honest in telling me that I only needed 1/2 my roof replaced. I really appreciated that cost savings. The crew did a great job and on schedule. They also cleaned up after the job really well. I would definitely use M&M roofing again and I recommend them to all.
C A.
16:47 18 Feb 15
These guys do quality work, they were able to replace the roof on my cousins home after a storm damaged it. I would recommend them to anyone needing similar work done.
Sean O.
22:46 10 Aug 13
I had my roof done in May, and they did a fantastic job!!! Nathan was our contractor and was wonderful....They came in the morning and by the end of the day they were done. Man were they fast!!!
22:35 08 Sep 12
I had to have a very small siding repair done prior to selling my home, and Nathan at M&M actually returned my call (quite a challenge getting someone to look at a small siding job in East Dallas after the hailstorm) and gave me a great bid and completed the work on my tight timeframe. The house sold on time and the buyers and I were both very happy with the work.
David T.
17:30 31 Jul 12
Our home in Richardson was damaged during a hail storm and was in need of a major repairs. We contacted M&M Roofing, Siding & Windows. Nathan met with us on a Saturday and agreed on the repair needs and cost of the job. We selected new insulation in the attic as an add on. Nathan installed that part of the job himself. It was very refreshing working with Nathan. While the weather delayed the process of our repairs, Nathan stayed in constant contact regarding the job. His workers were courteous and thorough. We had a small problem with the drip edge on the front of the house but after two visits Nathan had the problem corrected. I would like to say Thank You to M&M Roofing and Nathan for a job I feel was "well done". I highly recommend them.
Carlton R.
01:58 29 Dec 11